The Older Horse

“Golden Oldies”

Once your horse get’s older, lots of things begin to change.

You likely have a degree of dental disease going on, maybe trouble holding their weight, not to mention any possible diseases that have now become more of an issue.

Feeding the older horse is one of those long time struggles that has always baffled owners. You are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to providing them with fibre and roughage, but ensuring they can actually chew it.

**** disclaimer: we recommend all older horses have their teeth frequently assessed by an equine dentist

This is where our Hay Cubes can help! 

Chewing is needed to produce saliva – which helps food travel down the oesophagus – and saliva is needed to decrease the risk of choke. The benefit of the hay cubes is that saliva is produced to help the food travel, as apposed to chaff and pellets where not much chewing is required. Saliva also helps to neutralise stomach acid, meaning a decreased risk of stomach ulcers.

Our hay cubes can be soaked to help reduce the amount of chewing needed for those horses that need that extra bit of help.

Hay Cubes allow you to provide your oldies with the fibre needed for gut health and general wellbeing. Without a healthy gastrointestinal tract horses cannot derive the most nutritional benefit from their feed, meaning that less nutrients are absorbed. This commonly leads to weight loss, muscle loss, poor coat, poor skin, loose stools and lethargy. And horses can’t have a healthy gastrointestinal system without fibre.

Fibre is needed to ensure the bacterial population in the horses gut is healthy and functioning properly. Once the flora of the gut is disrupted there are ongoing problems such as infections, malabsorption and diarrhoea.

Protein is important 

Protein is needed for muscle and hoof development, along with various other things. Commonly older horses struggle with muscle loss and poor quality hooves. Once older horses lose too much muscle their ability to move around is compromised, and this can exacerbate a lot of problems further.

Lucerne is a great protein source for older horses and is naturally low in sugar. There are lots of hormonal and metabolic diseases that older horses suffer from that mean that they need a low sugar diet. Our Lucerne Cubes or our Lucerne & Teff Cubes allow you to feed a good quality protein without increasing sugars.

Some feedback from our customers

“I bought some Multicubes for my 33yo pony. She is very thin and has virtually no teeth left. I had the vet out who suggested it was time to make “the decision”.

I gave her a kilo of cubes this morning with her other breakfast feed – and she seems to like them a lot. She is still munching away on her cubes two hours later. I am so pleased! Your product could literally save her life if she can put on some weight by eating the Multicubes. Fingers crossed this works for her and I can have a few more precious months with her. I bought her as a 2yo, so pretty hard to say goodbye. Thank you for this wonderful product.”



“At around 30 years of age Dexter was having trouble eating hay so therefore wasting much of it and losing condition. Since discovering and feeding the Lucerne & Oaten MultiCubes 3 months ago he has gained weight and maintained it throughout the winter. The cubes are much easier for him to eat and digest, he loves them! I highly recommend MultiCube not only for quality, ease of transport and storage, but also for aged horses” – C. Taplin



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