“Our 4 endurance horses love Multicube Hay Cubes. Consistent Quality – Analysed so we know what we are feeding – No dust so no airway irritation – Easy to store and for months at a time – No Mould!
We live on the coast and couldn’t store hay for more than a few weeks at a time without it going mouldy, This very wet winter just experienced has been a great test of MultiCube storage and they passed with flying colours! No waste. It’s windy on the coast and our cubes don’t blow away. Easy to weigh and measure your feeds. Great size for your pocket as training treats. Easy to transport to events. Great for soaking to help with re-hydration, Last but not least they are economical and our horses LOVE THEM!” – D&W Porter

“Here at Thorwood Pony Stud (home of Royal Champions Silkwood, Puss n Boots & Thorwood King’s Gold). I am thrilled to have found this wonderful product. MultiCube Hay cubes are easy to store & feed out & the ponies LOVE THEM. I feed them to everything from weanlings to broodmares, stallions & show ponies. Very happy with the results”A. Hewitt

“At around 30 years of age, Dexter was having trouble eating hay so therefore wasting much of it and losing condition. Since discovering and feeding the Lucerne & Oaten MultiCubes 3 months ago he has gained weight and maintained it throughout the winter. The cubes are much easier for him to eat and digest, and he loves them! I highly recommend MultiCube not only for quality, ease of transport and storage but also for aged horses” – C. Taplin

“Fantastic product, thank you! I have two ageing mares almost 30 with no back molars at all and they are thriving on their haycubes. I’ve let my local produce know about them as I make a 2 hour round trip to stock up. They are so easy to use – like Carolynne I soak them in warm water and they love them, there is absolutely no waste as they eat every bit, and I can store 4 or 5 bags in a wheelie bin, so they take up very little room in the feed shed .. and keeps it clean as well!! Thank you for a great product” C. Cox 

“Just had dentist out to my old guy 35 last weekend. She said how fantastic he looked and said if I was to say he was 25 she would believe it thanks to multi cube allowing him to graze on them as he wishes” – J. Herrod

“My oldie ate Multicubes for most of his last 6 years. Couldn’t eat hay as you say, he was fat and happy till we lost him at 36. Loved the cubes would munch away for hours savouring each one”V. Butler

“I bought some Multicubes for my 33yo pony. She is very thin and has virtually no teeth left. I had the vet out who suggested it was time to make “the decision”.  I gave her a kilo of cubes this morning with her other breakfast feed – and she seems to like them a lot. She is still munching away on her cubes two hours later. I am so pleased! Your product could literally save her life if she can put on some weight by eating the Multicubes. Fingers crossed this works for her and I can have a few more precious months with her. I bought her as a 2yo, so pretty hard to say goodbye. Thank you for this wonderful product.”