Good quality hay is essential when ensuring the health of your livestock. Our processed hay has been proven to be beneficial to livestock all around Australia and Internationally. Our hay is frequently exported to supply Equines and Livestock in several overseas countries.

Hay Cubes & Livestock

Did you know that Hay Cubes are a fantastic way to feed your stock.
The benefits of Hay Cubes are;

– Easy to Storepackaged in 20kg bags
– Easy to Carry – no bales or loose hay
– Less Mess & Less wastage no loose hay means very little wastage and creates very little mess
– Cost Effective because of their ease of storage and minimal wastage, cubes are a very cost effective option for livestock

Our hay cubes are perfect for small numbers of stock or places where large amounts of hay cannot be stored.

Our most popular are our Lucerne combinations Lucerne/ Lucerne & Oaten/ Lucerne & Teff/ Lucerne, Rye & Clover

Young Stock – Calves, Lambs, Kids & Crias 

Hand rearing lambs, calves, kids and crias has become easier with hay cubes.
Cubes can be fed dry or soaked and allow you to introduce small amounts of roughage into their diet early in life. Course feeds, such as hay, have been found to help encourage rumen development in young ruminants and C1 development in camelids, which will benefit them in older life.

Cubes do not create a lot of mess, meaning your hay does not get wasted and become unwanted bedding when it is not consumed.

These days sheep, goats and alpacas are becoming more popular as pets and in small flocks. These animals are much easier to manage with frequent interaction. Our hay cubes work well as treats to allow you to hand feed or encourage them into yards or pens as needed.

Pregnancy & Lactation

During pregnancy and lactation animals energy requirement increases. Keeping up with this can sometimes be hard especially when needing to feed out large amounts of hay. Cubes are a fantastic alternative as they allow for an increase in feed uptake in a practical manner – ie: cubes are a great way to increase energy and protein intake because of their shorter fibre length, minimal wastage and palatability. Cubes can be fed in addition or as a sole roughage source.

Fibre Is Essential 

Ruminants (such as sheep, cattle and goats) as well as camelids (such as alpacas) require the majority of their diet to be fibre and protein – which is commonly provided in the form of hay. Fibre is essential for good gastrointestinal health, as these animals rely on fermentation to derive nutrients and energy from the feed they consume.

Introduce New Feeds Slowly

The fermentation process relies on a strong bacterial population, that can be easily damaged if new feeds are introduced too fast. For this reason we recommend introducing a new feed slowly over a period of 1-2 weeks – often best mixed in with a decreasing portion of their old feed/ ration.

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