Cubes and Dental Disease

Cubes and Dental Disease

Quidding (“dropping feed”/ “balling hay”)

It is well known that horses who have significant dental disease (such as missing teeth) struggle to chew hay. It often balls up and falls back out in tufts (known as quidding) or poses a significant choke risk.
The fibre length in our cubes is reduced (but longer than chaff) meaning that horses can chew them easier, and quidding is decreased. In addition, the cubes can be soaked in water to reduce the risk of choke even further. A simple ratio of 1:1 water:cubes will soften and expand the cubes.

Caries (Equine dental decay)

These days equine dental decay (known as caries) is on the rise, and this is often secondary to high sugar feeds. If your horse has been diagnosed with caries your dental Veterinarian will recommend low sugar feeds.
The good news is that our cubes also have a low sugar blend – ‘Lucerne & Teff’. This blend is extremely palatable, which allows your horse to enjoy their hay even if they need to limit their sugar intake.

Weight loss 

A common struggle for those horses with dental disease is their weight. Horses with reduced chewing ability often struggle to gain weight, and this can be commonly attributed to their decreased fibre diet. By providing your horses with hay cubes you are helping them meet their fibre requirements, which in turn promotes gut health and nutrient absorption.

And remember….

Any horse that suffers from dental disease, or struggles to eat is recommended to have regular visits from your Veterinarian and Equine Dentist.

What our customers have to say: 

‘Fantastic product, thank you! I have two ageing mares almost 30 with no back molars at all and they are thriving on their haycubes. I’ve let my local produce know about them as I make a 2 hour round trip to stock up. They are so easy to use – like Carolynne I soak them in warm water and they love them, there is absolutely no waste as they eat every bit, and I can store 4 or 5 bags in a wheelie bin, so they take up very little room in the feed shed .. and keeps it clean as well!! Thank you for a great product” – C. Cox 

“Just had dentist out to my old guy 35 last weekend. She said how fantastic he looked and said if I was to say he was 25 she would believe it 💕 thanks to multi cube allowing him to graze on them as he wishes” – J. Herrod

“My oldie ate Multicubes for most of his last 6 years. Couldn’t eat hay as you say, he was fat and happy till we lost him at 36. Loved the cubes would munch away for hours savouring each one” – V. Butler